What to Pack for Chetwynd BC in Summer

Packing right for your destination is key to a stress-free holiday. Don’t over-pack, or you’ll be lugging around a weighty suitcase of unnecessary things, which only makes it that much more frustrating to find you forgot the one thing you really need!

But do be prepared. Find out what weather to expect, and think about the activities you want to do. Make a list of what you need and start gathering everything in advance so you aren’t scrambling the night before you leave, which is a sure way to leave something crucial in the washing machine or on the bed! 

Read on for seven things to pack for a trip to Chetwynd, BC in the summer. With so many outdoor activities and beautiful scenery, summer is an ideal time to visit Chetwynd in idyllic Peace River Country.

The key to packing for Chetwynd BC in the summer is to plan for a bit of everything. Situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, weather can vary and change. Temperatures peak in summer, but so does precipitation. Chetwynd summers are mild, with average July temperatures of 10-23 degrees Celsius. Precipitation also peaks in July, with an average of 28.5 mm of rain.



layer of clothes


Pack summer clothes like tank tops, t-shirts, shorts and light pants but also bring light weight, easy to carry items to layer on cooler days or in the evening. A light fleece jacket or vest can add the right amount of warmth without being bulky or hot.

A long sleeved, breathable shirt with moisture wicking material can be a life-saver on a hike, protecting from the sun or cool breezes, depending on the changing mountain weather.

Rain Jacket


rain jacket


There’s nothing more miserable than getting caught in the rain unprepared! There are lightweight rain jackets that bundle up into a convenient pouch. Slip one of those into your purse or backpack and you can enjoy a sun shower, instead of running for shelter. 

If you’re planning longer outdoor activities, you may want to pack a more heavy-duty windbreaker.

Walking or Hiking Shoes


hiking shoes


You can’t come to Chetwynd and not get out into nature for at least an afternoon! There are trails for all abilities in and around the town, ranging up to backcountry hiking in the area’s many parks. Whatever your ability or experience level, make sure to bring the right shoes to take advantage of the many beautiful walks.

Bathing Suit, Beach Towel and Sandals

Another thing that Chetwynd has in abundance is lakes. If you’re visiting in the summer, make sure you’re ready to enjoy the beach at Moberly Lake, take a fresh water swim, or go boating on one of the region’s lakes.

If you can’t get enough of water activities, visit the Chetwynd Fitness and Leisure Pool. Get a workout in the 4-lane lap pool, relax in the whirlpool, or let loose on the 3-story waterslide!

Sun Protection


protection from sun


If you’re visiting Chetwynd in the summer, you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors. Don’t skip the sun protection and let a bad burn ruin your holiday. Bring SPF, a hat, sunglasses and light layers.

Books and Downtime Activities

Sure, you and the whole family will be out exploring the town and region all day. But you’ll still need to relax and recover from your active days. Make sure to bring relaxing activities for the whole family for down time in between outdoor adventures. Take a break from TV and video games; stock up on books, a deck of cards and some portable games instead.

Encourage creative kids to keep travel journals or sketchbooks while on holiday. Writing and drawing are great ways to reflect and wind down at the end of the day.

Prescription Medications

Always pack extra of any prescription medication you or your family may need. A simple first aid kit can also be good for peace of mind on any holiday.

If you do forget to pack something important, don’t let ruin the day. The other key to a stress-free holiday is to expect some hiccups along the way. You can pick up most things you’ll need in Chetwynd.